Friday, February 5, 2016

Sweet girl, big poo, and Seinfeld oh my!

Reagan slept well and woke up this morning super sweet and calm. Calm turned out to be very good, especially considering our nurse didn't come in until noon today (so she could stay late) and I was on my own until then. I ran downstairs for maybe 10-15min to get Ryan dressed and out the door for school and by the time I got back upstairs...I could smell it. And see it. It's never good when you can actually see the poo while she's still sitting in her chair! It was a MESS. Thank God for chux (the disposable changing pads) because I had those things spread out everywhere! I had to grab her arm restraints too because you can guess the first place her hand went! Yuck! I had her stripped and completely wiped down when her speech therapist knocked on the door (of course I locked it so I had to go down and let her in)! It was much easier finishing the job with her help! Reagan was so laid back and happy though, it could've been much worse had she been stressed or tense! She had a good session of speech and then shortly thereafter both her nurse and Grandma showed up! Boy could I have used them two hours earlier!! Reagan was great and happy to see them both. Grandma had Ryan duty and the nurse had Reagan under control, so Mike came home early from work and we left for San Antonio. My sister gave us tickets for Christmas to go see Jerry Seinfeld. You could kinda say we're big Seinfeld fans. We have most of the episodes memorized and still watch it on a daily basis. So yeah, we were excited. We went early enough to give us time to have dinner beforehand (of course we still got stuck in some serious traffic leaving Austin). Reagan had school while we were gone and even though she fell asleep before, she woke up in time and had a great session. We ate dinner right off the river walk, but didn't sit outside though, it was pretty cold. Then we walked (stuffed) back to the theater and grabbed a coffee in hopes of staying awake! It was a beautiful theater! The Majestic Theatre. I took a bunch of pictures because it was just so pretty! It was filled with tons of much older, much better dressed (and probably much more wealthy) people than us! We had great tickets (thanks to my sister) and were in the front section of the orchestra on the aisle. There was a guy who came out to open for Jerry who was pretty funny and then Jerry came out around 7:22 (I looked at the clock). He was great! Still so funny. We really enjoyed it and thanks to our seats, we were right beside the side exit and didn't have to fight through people to get out (Gotta go)! Even getting out of the parking garage went very smoothly! Our drive home was a lot faster than the drive there and we were home by 10:30! Reagan had taken a little nap earlier, but was awake when we got home. She was sweet though and I got to get in some snuggles before bedtime. It was a good night!

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