Saturday, February 27, 2016

Still miserable

So today was not the good day we were hoping for. Last night was rough again (another night in the tomato chair) and sleep was elusive...for all of us. Reagan continues to be miserable. She's sleeping a little more today, and then waking up, but keeping her eyes still closed and thrashing and fussing nonstop. We're still pretty much giving her pain meds around the clock. She's still a little nauseous so today she's been on just half formula/half pediatlyte. She insists on having her hand today. Any time we try to put her arm restraint on, she freaks out even more. Her mouth is so dry...from all of the crying and then sleeping with her mouth open. Poor thing. And she still has that weird acidic/blood smell in her mouth. Actually her whole body smells of bad day (I'm sure partially because she puts her hands in her mouth and then wipes the spit all over herself). Grandma came today so we did get her in the bathtub this afternoon. We were really hoping that the bath would settle her down and help her relax a little (and she did seem to enjoy the bath itself), but as soon as she got out, she was just as stressed as before. She's holding her pees again today. She's SO extremely rigid/tense I can see why. Tonight we were really hoping and praying for some sleep but it's not looking good. She was asleep in her chair so we tried to move her over into her bed. Didn't work. She got very upset, and we had to move her back to her chair. I'm afraid it's gonna be another loooooong night. Ugh. When are we going to finally get some sleep?!?!

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Marc said...

So sorry you all are having such a rough time - I hope she starts feeling better soon and you are all able to get some rest.