Thursday, February 4, 2016

Sleep, smiles, and biting?

Reagan finally slept last night!!! Woo Hoo!!!! So happy! And even better, she woke up this morning without any signs of nausea and feeling much improved! Even smiley!!! So happy! Unfortunately this happiness was short lived. She fell back asleep and slept for a while, but when her PT came we figured there would be no harm in stretching her. Right? She was so laid back and calm this morning, we thought we were out of the woods. Wrong. She woke up mid stretch and was NOT good. She was very crunchy and bitey and super stressed. Very reminiscent of a bad day. No crying (no tears), but very agitated and frantic in her movements. She was so bitey, in fact, that we had to put her arm restraints on. Her nurse gave her some oxycodone which immediately seemed to help (it's about time). She dozed off and we all tiptoed away, upset that we ever bothered her in the first place. She didn't sleep long though and woke about an hour later, still very tense/bitey. This time we gave her clonidine and again, she dozed right back to sleep. She was awake and asleep a few times...the next time we gave her ibuprofen but the times after that she seemed to have relaxed a little. It's been almost an entire week since her last poo, so we tried to help her go but nothing was coming (this girl is a clencher in fact she's even holding her pees today). Finally we had to go the route of an enema, but that finally did the trick. Not a ton, but enough to give her some relief (and we also got her to pee). She seemed markedly improved after this. Even giving us some long awaited smiles...very similar to this morning. Whew! I sure hope we're done with this. It's been a rough few days for my sweet girl!
All smiles this morning...

Hoping she'll stay asleep! 😁

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