Monday, February 15, 2016

Sick day at home

I was home with both sick kiddos today by myself. It appears we are now officially without a Monday nurse again. Ugh. Don't even get me started. Reagan was good today although you can tell she's getting just a tad tense. Being stuck around a whiney/needy brother could do that to you. I thought we were in the clear feverwise so I went ahead and cancelled the drs appt I had made for both of them this afternoon (for fear of exposing them to something else at the drs office). Well, of course as the afternoon went on, both of their fevers came back and both were looking especially sick again. Ugh. Reagan was a lot more sensitive to talking and music on tv tonight. She's definitely getting a little more tense. We also heard from her nurse today that she might be starting to come down with this junk. Please pray that's not the case...but apparently this is but is extremely contagious. So far Mike is the only one without symptoms, but I did notice him coughing tonight as well. So sick of being sick.

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