Friday, February 12, 2016

Sick again?

Reagan has been good again today. We were a little worried. She woke up fussing this morning and looked pretty serious for a while, but she really mellowed out and had a great day. She had speech this morning and did really well with that. No more therapies the rest of the day, but she was in a good mood. I'm sick. The same respiratory gunk I had before it seems. The same stuff Reagan picked up from me the last time. Of course the dr says it's "allergies" but then why is it contagious? I really hope no one else gets it, but tonight I did notice that Reagan sounded congested and she was running a low grade fever. Ugh. Not again. Big prayers that I get over this quick and Reagan does not get it (or at least not as badly as the last time). Ryan had a birthday party tonight for a little boy in his class, so we had a nurse filling in so we could take him to that. She slept off and on while we were gone, but she perked back up right around 10pm! She was a sweetie though. I picked her up and held her and she dozed off in my arms. Sweet girl. Hopefully she sleeps tonight because I'm exhausted!

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