Friday, February 19, 2016

Seriously coughy

Reagan was a little more serious today. The laughs are gone. She's been good, just flat. Couldn't get a laugh out of her today. She's still very coughy.   Everyone is still coughy! Speaking of coughy...Mike was so sick he stayed home today and didn't get out of bed until after noon! We're definitely ready to be done with the sickies over here. Sick of the sickies. We went ahead and canceled speech again today (her speech therapists sees babies just out of the NICU so we didn't want to risk exposing her to anything). We were going to try school, but she was looking really laid back/sleepy when the time rolled around so we figured we shouldn't push our luck. It's weird because she had a few bursts of craziness today where she'd become very aggressive and want to bite at her basically took two of us to hold her down. But then this afternoon, she was actually really relaxed and not at all sensitive. We had the house cleaned today and we were worried she might be sensitive to the vacuuming but she didn't seem to care at all (even being cooped up in the room with her crazy brother didn't bother her)! Boy is it nice to have a clean house! Even if it only lasts for a day! ;) Tonight my girl was so sweet and calm. She dozed off and was OUT. I put her in her bed and she didn't move a muscle. I even changed her diaper and she didn't flinch. Hoping my sweet coughy girl can get some good sleep tonight!

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