Monday, February 8, 2016

Sleepy then laughy

Reagan slept well and woke up sweet this morning. She's still very still and relaxed in her body. She had a super busy day of therapy today. An early morning makeup session of PT. Followed immediately by speech. A 3hr break, which toward the end of it she was actually doing her darnedest to doze off but we fought to keep her awake (since OT was on the way). OT worked with her for a bit but at one point she did doze back off. Silly girl. All of this stillness makes her sleepy I guess! We trialled her for a bit with her glasses today and we really think she seemed to see the tv better with them. And she just looks so darn cute in them too!! Then this afternoon my girl got a case of the giggles and had them the rest of the night. Super sweet. Super darling, but full of laughs! It's a good thing she was so happy though because her brother threw the mother of all tantrums when Grandpa tried to leave! I mean clinging to his leg and pulling him back up the stairs! I've never quite seen anything like it. He was hysterical! This boy does love his Grandpa!

These pics of Grandpa/Ryan are from last week, but I forgot to post them!! Too cute! 

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