Sunday, February 21, 2016

Laughy again

Reagan had another good day today. She's been pretty laughy again today, at times it sounded a little on edge because it was a bit excessive, but she held it together and had a really good day. She's still very coughy...we all are. This respiratory junk is really giving us a run for our money. Tonight Ryan woke up twice crying and coughing after we put him to bed! That's very rare for he must not be feeling well. It's impossible to get him to take medicine too (he has a very sensitive gag reflex and will just throw up anything you give him), so eventually I had to just give him a tylenol suppository and I think that helped because he stayed asleep after that. Then we also had a traumatic experience getting Reagan to sleep. Reagan was still laughing nonstop and going strong (as we were trying to get and keep her brother down), so we gave her clonidine to help her fall asleep. Well it back fired. She went from laughing nonstop, to very quiet and serious, kicking her legs nonstop and swiping at her face over and over. Not good. I was hoping she'd eventually just settle down and get past it, but she didn't. So I gave her oxycodone and literally 5min later it stopped and she was able to doze off. Whew! Crazy night. Really praying both kiddos stay down and we all get some sleep! 

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