Wednesday, February 17, 2016

No nurse = Bad day's been a rough one today. Reagan woke up around 1 crying so we moved her to her tomato chair at that point. Then it was every hour or so that she'd wake up crying, I'd go in and console her, and she'd fall back to sleep. Every hour for the rest of the night. At some point I got a text from both our nurse and the nursing agency to say that our nurse was sick and couldn't come in today. I wasn't surprised. I knew it would eventually get her. She was running a very high temp and just overall miserable. The only good thing going on today was that Ryan was finally well enough to go to school. So even though Reagan was miserable, at least I had only her to worry about for a while. She was pretty darn miserable all day. She was very spitty, and it was thick and gunky sort of spit, making her lungs sound even worse than they were. Grinding her teeth nonstop. Several times I'd turn away only to look back and see blood dripping from her mouth (well blood tinged spit anyway). She must've bitten her cheek or something with all of that clenching and grinding of her teeth. Poor girl. She was SO miserable. Pain medicine didn't really seem to be helping to terribly much, but she was able to doze off a couple of times, even if only for a short while. It was a looooooong day. And even longer once Ryan got home. He was super high need and couldn't understand that he wasn't aloud to go upstairs and swing while his sister was sleeping! That made for a lot of screaming that eventually woke up his sister. Thankfully Grandpa saved the day and showed up to take Ryan outside for a bit. They walked all the way to the school/playground down the road and Ryan was able to get out some pent up energy. We all felt better after that. Tonight I see a glimmer of hope with my girl. She has given me laughs a few times. I really hope this means we're in for a better day tomorrow. She dozed off with the help of clonidine tonight and we're about to move her to her bed. Really hoping she stays asleep! Thank you for keeping my girl (and our whole sick family) in your prayers!

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