Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Night terrors and nausea

So last night was even worse than the night before! You might wonder how that's possible. Well, throw in a couple of episodes of what could only be described as night terrors, and that about sums it up! Reagan dozed off beside Mike last night and I thought maybe there was some hope for sleep. Maybe she'd even sleep in her bed. Nope! She went from fast asleep to awake and SCREAMING! Mouth open as wide as she could open it, screaming in the highest pitch I've ever heard. Awful. This went on for 30min or so. Afterward we moved her to her chair and she continued to vocalize, but it was more of a yell. It was horrible. She did finally doze off, only to awaken again to the horrific screaming. Just awful. Mike and I were up a lot last night...for longer stretches of time. On a good note, when it was finally time to be up for the day, she seemed a lot better. Well, except for the nausea. So she was better, but definitely gaggy. It was only here and there in the morning but progressed as the day went on. She did pretty well with speech this morning and even in the afternoon, when she was considerably more gaggy, she did awesome for school! Tonight, however, the gagging/retching got much worse. I switched her over to pedialyte and just prayed that she'd be able to sleep it off. I finished off all of her meds and then gave her clonidine and hoped for the best. She ended up having an adverse reaction to it, that made her kick and flail nonstop for about 15min, but she was closing her eyes all the while so I just did my best to hold her down and give her some pressure and eventually she dozed off in her chair. Big prayers that she'll sleep tonight (we're all struggling here) and that she'll wake up in the morning feeling much improved all around! Poor sweet girl. It's been a rough couple of days!

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