Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Laughy Happy Day

Today was a super happy, super laughy day. This girl had a serious case of the laughs. Not at all on edge, just super happy laughs. She has been a doll today. She had PT this morning, then OT, and then school/vision therapy this afternoon! It's been quite the busy day again! She was a pro with it all and laughed her way through the day! Her vision teacher did some vision testing (with her wearing her glasses) and she definitely thinks she sees better with them on, they seem to help her to focus on things more quickly. It was a great day for vision because she's had the big eyes all day today. No sign of sleepiness today! But still very calm and relaxed in her body. Love seeing still hands on this girl. It's been a great day and I'm really hoping the good days continue! Going to pick up her new AFOs tomorrow! :) Mike and I went and looked at cars today (specifically the Acadia). We're hoping to get a new car this year that will more comfortably seat everyone. Looking for a 7 passenger seating SUV. We will probably will have to get a new one, so that we have the option of adding any modifications we might need in the next year or two (car has to be less than 2yrs old to modify). Still not sure what we want but we have to have enough space in the back (with the 3rd row seats up) to fit Reagan's folding wheelchair...so that rules out several options right there. Anyone have any suggestions? Definitely not looking forward to making a car payment again.

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