Monday, February 1, 2016

From calm to tense

Reagan woke up this morning still pretty calm and relaxed. She dozed off just before speech this morning but woke up just in time. She started getting a little more tense/moany as the day went on. Not a fan of having her hair brushed...she just didn't seem to want to be messed with. She had one teary eyed meltdown, she calmed down but was still just so tense. If I had to guess, I would say it's her tummy because she's crunching in half a lot and making this weird breathing in sort of noise she does when she needs to take a poo. She was overdue for a bath so we gave her a dose of oxycodone and put her in the bathtub. She really did seem to relax a little in the bath (not sure if it was the warm water or the medicine). Once dressed, we put her in her bean bag chair where she was comfortable and calm for a short while. Eventually she escalated and we had to move her to her tomato chair. She was pretty tense and on edge for the rest of the night. Not a fan of her brother's noise...not a fan of anything really. It's not looking good for sleep tonight. Mike is laying in bed with her but she's just so restless and fussy...poor baby. No idea what's bothering her. I sure wish she cold tell us...

School was out today so Ryan went on a tour of a bakery and then to the park! 

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