Monday, February 29, 2016

Calm day but crazy night

Today was a better day. Reagan's still tense, but she did finally sleep last night and she's been more stable overall today. No nursing yet on Mondays, but at least my mom was here to help today. Reagan had a busy day of therapy (especially for just coming out of bad days). She had private speech this morning, then OT this afternoon, and then school/speech! She did OK. Not an exceptional day for therapy but she tolerated it just fine. Her hands have been very still today (not constantly shoved in her mouth like they usually are). She's been overall more calm and serious/flat. No smiles, but calm. Well, calm until tonight. So tonight right around 9:30pm or so, she went from completely still and calm to CRAZY. It was as if she had been given clonidine and was then having an adverse reaction to it (but I hadn't given her anything)! She started kicking and flailing and vocalizing. She was super tense. I didn't want to give her clonidine for fear of exacerbating the situation, so I gave her oxycodone. It wasn't appearing to do much. Laying her in bed was a no go. She eventually fell asleep laying beside Daddy but was back awake and flailing in a matter of minutes after he got up. I moved her to her chair where she did eventually calm down a little and doze off. She's super restless though and keeps popping back awake, so the chance of her getting much sleep tonight are not good. I'm just hoping and praying she's normal in the morning otherwise we'll have to cancel or trip to Houston once again!

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