Thursday, February 18, 2016


Today was a better day from my girl. Reagan slept in her bed last night until about 5am or so. I heard her moving around so I went in to check on her. I was met with laughs and I immediately knew we were going to have a better day. We moved her to her chair at that point, and then went and laid back down. She was good, but I don't think she fell back to sleep. Reagan's nurse was feeling much improved today, so she was able to come in (another huge blessing). Reagan was very laughy and silly all day today. She also had a couple of poos on her own, which is always a good thing. Only one therapy today, OT, but it was good to get her moving and stretching after the rotten day she had yesterday. Ryan went to school, but I was told when I picked him up that he had been very needy/fussy all day (and asking for me nonstop). He wasn't home long when he laid down on the floor to watch an episode of Mutt & Stuff and dozed off. He must still be feeling a little off, because it's not like him to nap at all. He actually took a pretty long nap there on the floor and was still there when Mike got home from work. Mike came home feeling especially lousy again and running a high fever. I didn't even realize we had a nurse coming tonight, but it worked out great as we were able to keep Reagan upstairs and not expose her to any of her Daddy's sickies (who ended up going to bed around 8pm anyway). Reagan dozed off for a bit but woke up just as the nurse was leaving

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