Tuesday, February 23, 2016

An Angel

Reagan was up and at em early this morning around 6:20am. I moved her to her chair where she proceeded to cough every second I wasn't by her side. Don't get me wrong, she's coughy no matter what, but she was clearly doing it for attention this morning!! Silly girl. We were all prepped and ready for our trip to Houston this morning, when I got an email from the research nurse canceling our appt! Apparently there was a pipe that burst in the building and they weren't allowing anyone in! Ugh. Talk about bad timing. Reagan was great, perfect for a long road trip, so that was definitely upsetting. However, it had been raining all night and it was ridiculously windy and gloomy today, so I'm not too terribly sad about not being on the road 6+hrs today. They rescheduled for next Tuesday so we will give it another go then. Praying my girl is up for that. Today I got some sad news. Ainsley Rossiter of Ainsley's Angels passed away. Ainsley's Angels is an organization that helps promote inclusion and awareness of special needs individuals in all aspects of life (including endurance races). Ainsley was 12 and had a rare progressive genetic nerve condition Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy (INAD) but had participated in 100 races!! Below is a pic with her and Rick and Dick Hoyt probably the most famous/inspirational duo ever! The virtual 5k Reagan and I did back in June was an Ainsley's Angels race and just a week or so ago I signed up to do a 10k Ainsley's Angel virtual race with Reagan! It's heartbreaking to hear of yet another special needs child passing away way too early. It makes me think about my girl and how lucky we are to still have her here with us! And tonight she just couldn't be more sweet and precious. Please keep the Rossiter family in your prayers as they try to navigate life without their smiley girl!

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