Monday, February 22, 2016

Sweet calm girl

After having such issues getting both kids to bed last night, they both actually slept really well! No nurse again today (as of now we're officially nurseless on Monday's). Thankfully I have a friend whose son is in Ryan's class that is willing to pick up and bring Ryan back home when needed. Reagan had a really good day today. She was very laid back...a little laughy...but overall very calm. Still coughy and runny nosed, but good. She had speech this morning, then OT, and then school/vision. She did really well with everything. I'm really hoping she can keep this up as we are supposed to drive to Houston tomorrow for a Drs appt. They are switching all of the kids in Texas in the Stanford EPI-743 study over to Dr Scaglia at TX Children's. It's going to be a long day. I'm driving (Mike has to work), so it will just be me, Reagan, and her nurse! Grandpa is on Ryan duty. The weather isn't supposed to be great (lots of rain/wind in the forecast), but if Reagan's up to it, we're going! Tonight she dozed off on her own so we avoided another clonidine meltdown. Hoping for some good sleep again tonight! 

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