Thursday, February 11, 2016

A little off but good

Reagan had another good day today. She was up early this morning and a little more tense in her body, but still very smiley and even a little laughy. She had OT and school today and did really well with both. She was very good with her motor control today so during school they worked on a lot of hands on things. She even made a valentine! After school we did make some time for a bath. We are definitely noticing some temperature regulation issues (clammy/red hands and feet) and along with those we see an increase in pit smell! Definitely time for a bath! Tonight let her roll around on the floor. It helps to keep her from getting too sweaty and it also really helps her to get that gas out! Poor girlie, she's clenching and we're way overdue of a poo! Her tummy is starting to look a little distended now, so hopefully she'll go soon.

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