Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sweet sleepy girl

Reagan fought sleep a little again (like she has for the last several nights), but did eventually go to sleep and stay asleep! In fact, she just kept sleeping! Today was definitely a sleepy day (I love seeing her sleeping so peacefully). I had my 10k this morning, so the nurse came in early, so Grandma and Mike/Ryan could come watch. The run itself actually went through our neighborhood, so other than the weather, they had no excuse to not come and watch. It was COLD. It was 28 when we started. For Texas, that's pretty chilly. I definitely think it was the coldest weather we (me and my neighbor/running partner) had ever run in. Our hands were getting numb at the beginning but eventually your body warms up. We finished in a little over an hour. Not bad. We use a walk/run method (run5, walk1) so we knew we weren't going to break any records, but we were happy with our time. Grandma made a funny sign and met us out on the course to cheer us on! And actually that was our fastest stretch! Mike/Ryan, my Dad, and Grandma all met us at the finish! We were back home by 9:30am and Reagan was still fast asleep! She didn't wake up until just before noon, when we changed her diaper (so we actually woke her). She was smiley and content though so we transferred her to her therapy room where she promptly fell back to sleep! She slept the rest of the day. She woke once more during a diaper change tonight, so Grandma and I took advantage and got her into the tub! She loves taking baths while Grandma is here because she gets into the tub with her and lets her float and makes her bath a lot more relaxing. She wasn't awake too long before dozing back off tonight. But while awake, she was bright eyed and and sweet. Still very into her hand and crunchy, but sweet. Hoping for a good week this week for my girl!

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