Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Super smiley, coughy, snotty, gaggy!

Reagan didn't sleep as well last night. She was pretty restless and both she and her brother were both wide awake by 6:30am. She was super sweet though and super smiley. We had to cancel speech on account of a 10:30am appt to get casted for new orthotics. It was a perfect day for it. With her still so still and relaxed, it made it easy for everyone involved. She was still a little gaggy/chokey this morning, but so sweet and so laid back. The crazy thing, while we were there I looked back at the blog to see when exactly she got casted for her last pair of AFOs, it was about two years ago and she was almost exactly the same that day (very still/relaxed, smiley, and had even thrown up)! Crazy. Everything went really smoothly and we were in and out of there fairly quickly. The only thing that seemed to excite her a little was how windy/cold it was outside (similar to yesterday). She was a little more coughy today and definitely having problems managing her secretions (oral and nasal)! Poor girl! This respiratory junk is really wreaking havoc on her. This low tone is a double edged sword, while it's great to have her so relaxed and still, it also makes it much harder for her to handle her spit and the snot! Tonight she was really having a hard time and the nausea picked back up again so between the nausea, coughing, and nonstop spit/snot, she was really suffering...but smiling away and making great eye contact all the while...poor sweet girl! Finally we got her to just doze off with the help of clonidine and she's asleep in her chair (we're afraid to lay her down), so now we're just praying she can sleep though the night and wake up feeling better!

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