Saturday, January 2, 2016

Still smiling

Sleep was not so good last night for any of us. Reagan was pretty restless and Mike had to get up with her several times. However, when I got up with her this morning, she was all smiles so how could we be mad at her! We spent some time watching cartoons this morning while her crazy brother swung around like a monkey behind her on the swing. It didn't seem to bother her at all. She was pretty laid back. She seemed a little sensitive in her eyes today, but otherwise good. We did decide to give her a bath before moving her downstairs, with all of her temperature regulation issues lately, those pits get a little stinky! She was totally relaxed. She really seemed to enjoy it. Afterward, I dressed her and Mike carried her downstairs and put her in her tomato chair. I don't know what caused it...the change of scenery, putting her in the tomato chair, a tummy pain, or maybe something on tv...but she burst into tears! I would have never in a million years seen this coming. She was SO content this morning and super relaxed after her bath! We moved her from the chair back to her pallet on the floor and she eventually settled down and stopped crying. The rest of the day she spent on the floor again. And the rest of the day she was content. She wasn't quite as squirmy today as yesterday, but she still kicked around and got some gas out. Tonight she was very restless and having some issues falling and staying asleep. Really hoping she can get some rest tonight and that she'll wake up yet again with a smile on her face! She really is the most precious girl ever!

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