Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Still gaggy

Sleep last night was not good for my girl. She spent the entire night sitting upright in her tomato chair (I was too scared to leave her laying flat), but I'm not sure if she slept at all. I think maybe a little here and there, but not much. Mike got up with her at one point during the night and said she was just as sweet and cute as can be! She was asleep when I got up to run this morning but was already back awake when I got home. The nausea definitely seems to come in waves. She'll be fine for a while and then all of a sudden she gets super gaggy for a while. She's had a busy day of therapies and she did pretty well with all of them considering. She had PT this morning, followed by OT this afternoon, and then school/speech...a busy day for a gaggy girl. This afternoon the nausea really picked back up again (right before the nurse left). She tried to give her some clonidine, knowing that she hadn't slept all day and hoping maybe she could sleep through the nausea, but it was very short lived. What I noticed tonight is that she seems very low tone, her arms are very still, which could also mean she's having a much harder time controlling her secretions! Poor thing. She's just been so sweet and so beautiful again today. Really hoping she can sleep this off tonight and wake up feeling better tomorrow and the rest of this week!

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