Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Still calm, still still

Reagan had a good day today. She was still sweet and calm so we decided to take advantage of that and we made a quick run over to the optometrist's office down the road to get her glasses fitted. It was a perfect day for it, her hands are still so relaxed, we didn't have to worry about her grabbing at them at all. She wore them all the way home no problem! The only thing she was a little sensitive to...the wind! It was particularly windy as we were unloading and loading her back up into the car (she was also getting a little over excited by the UPS truck next to us), but other than that, she was perfect! I did have a bit of a panicking moment as we left because I thought I had locked us out of the house, but my keys had just fallen onto the back floorboard so all was good. We got back just in time for PT and did some stretching downstairs before going upstairs to do a little more work kneeling. After PT she had OT and did well with it but she's still just so low tone, it definitely limits what she can work on. Then this afternoon she had school/OT. Again, she tolerated everything really well, but she did seem a little sleepy and not super into it. She's been a darling girl again today. So calm and so still. Tonight she did have one seemingly random throw up. I really feel like it might have been triggered by all of her sinus drainage but who knows. She seemed to get a little more gaggy the later it go, so I did go ahead and switch her over to pedialyte. Hoping she can sleep tonight and wake up in the morning nausea free! 

Reagan's hands were as red as a lobster (and super hot)! Definite dysautonomia!

Ryan's getting in on the glasses action! (Wearing Grandpa's glasses!)

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