Thursday, January 28, 2016

So mellow

Reagan had a surprisingly good day today...we were a little worried after the freakout she had last night before bed. She actually slept well last night and woke up this morning still a little startled/tense but really mellowed out as the day went on! She's had a very laid back/calm sort of day. Very still. Very solemn. Her nurse and therapists have tried all day to get a laugh or smile out of her and she's just been a tough crowd. Not cranky in the least...just not impressed with anything we do! This morning she had PT, they got her up in the stander for a bit, but no smiles! Then this afternoon she had OT. She was looking a little groggy at the start and then halfway through just passed out cold mid stretch!! Sweet girl! So much for school! She took a good little nap and woke up just late enough to miss her window of opportunity for school! She stayed awake (and super calm) the rest of the night...even while her brother had a major meltdown when he woke up from his nap (he never naps anymore but when he does, he is NOT a good waker upper). Grandpa came over to lend me a hand with the boy since we were left nurseless tonight and Mike was out late with customers! Ryan's mood immediately improved once Grandpa got here and I was able to give Reagan some attention. She eventually dozed off in her chair around 10:15pm and Daddy moved her to her bed when he got home (and laid down with her for some snuggles). Something tells me she's going to sleep well tonight! Sweet dreams my princess!

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