Friday, January 22, 2016

Sleepy poopy day

Reagan slept OK last night but she was up and at em pretty early today (along with her brother). She was still pretty tense in her body but calm and a little groggy . She ended up dozing back off and sleeping for quite a while. Her speech therapist came and worked on some choice boards on her eyegaze computer so all was not lost. She woke up this afternoon but was still looking sleepy and then proceeded to have a huge blowout (followed by yet another one). We thought we were done with these Augmentin poos! :( Poor girl! And poor nurse, she was here alone and had to fend for herself (not an easy task)! We did do a bath shortly thereafter, so at least she's clean now! Hoping for a good weekend for my girl! Grandma comes in tomorrow and my half marathon that I've been training 6 months for is Sunday!

Quick trip to the aquarium after a good day at school!!

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