Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sleep all day and new stander

Reagan slept well last night and woke up smiley but super crunchy this morning. Hello tone, welcome back (not). She promptly dozed back off and then just continued snoozing! Her physical therapist was on her way as well as someone from the DME company with a demo of a new stander. We had to wake her up. She was very slow to wake up, but she finally did (in the process of carrying her downstairs and putting her AFOs on). She was SO crunchy and tense we really had to pry her body apart to get her into the stander! We tried her first in the Easy Stand Sit to Stand Bantam (medium). It's a big black ominous looking thing (why can't they make it in pretty colors?). We really like the idea of being able to put her in it in a sitting position and then slowly move her up to standing (in the same way that you would go from sitting to standing...rather than laying out flat on her back and being flipped into an upright position). We also really like the option of having her in a standing position and then being able to lower her back into sitting for breaks off and on during an activity (like during school, speech, or OT). It could essentially replace her wheelchair that we currently use upstairs for those activities and we could then have the freedom to bring that downstairs and use it as an alternative sitting position to her tomato chair. It will give us so many more options...we were sold! We actually didn't even bother trying the other (traditional style) stander he brought! So now the wait for insurance approval begins. Other than that, not a lot going on today. Reagan dozed right back off as soon as we were done and then she essentially slept the rest of the day! She only woke up once, this afternoon when her nurse was trying to get her to pee (she only had one wet diaper all day), and she woke up with a vengeance! Lots of coughing. She basically went into a 30min coughing fit and had a bit of a panic attack because she was having a hard time breathing. Her nurse eventually got her back to sleep and she slept the rest of the night! We transferred her to bed around 10:30pm and she never moved a muscle (thankfully she did have one more wet diaper). Hopefully she sleeps tonight after sleeping all day!

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