Sunday, January 3, 2016

Rough night, rough day

Last night (early on) was especially brutal. Reagan was NOT able to go to sleep. She was beyond restless and kept stiffening out and waking herself back up (again, suspicious episodes). Most of the time she wouldn't even open her eyes but she'd just start thrashing and was very unsettling to watch. Mike laid back down with her in an attempt to try to get her back to sleep but it just wasn't working. Eventually I gave her some oxycodone and he moved her to her tomato chair and with a lot of shushing and me running my fingers through her hair, she finally fell asleep. I know she was still restless but I do think she slept some. I did hear her at some point give out a little laugh...that was music to my ears. When I woke at 6:30am, she was asleep, and when I woke again at 8am, she was still asleep. And then she slept. Thank God...she slept. And slept. When she did wake up around 1pm, she woke with a fuss and we knew it couldn't be good. She was either sleeping or crying the rest of the day! Lots of tears. Thankfully, she was responding really well to both Lortab and clonidine (not so much oxycodone), so when she'd wake up upset, they'd quickly put her back to sleep. She was super bitey when awake though, so we did have to put her arm restraints on her. She only had two pees today and both were HUGE and both were a little stinky. I sure hope that doesn't mean that nasty UTI is back. We'll definitely have to keep an eye on that. Tonight we attempted to get her to sleep in her bed and for a short while it seemed maybe it would work, but eventually we had to move her back to her chair. Sometimes when she's like this, the chair just gives her an extra bit of support she needs. So even though we're not necessarily happy with her sleeping slumped over in her chair all night, she prefers it, so we have to listen to her. Hoping she is able to sleep though the night...we could all use some rest!!

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