Sunday, January 24, 2016

Race day...sweet but a little sensitive

Today was the big first half marathon the Austin 3M Half Marathon with the slogan "Downhill to Downtown"! I did not sleep well last night, but it wasn't Reagan's fault. Nerves and my sleepless husband kept waking me up! I left at 6am (Daddy, Ryan, and Grandma were still here) and Reagan's nurse came in an hour early at 7am. The race started at 7am. Grandma headed out and met us around midway with her crazy Christopher Walken sign (which is funny because we run/ 5min/walk 1min and we just happened to be walking when she saw us)!! It wasn't all downhill as promised and the hill at mile 9 just about did us in, but we kept pushing through and made it to the finish line no problems (the furthest I had ever run in training was 13.1 was my all time furthest distance)! Grandma and Mike/Ryan were at the finish (although Mike missed me and didn't see me cross the finish line)! Grandma made cute signs for everyone to hold! Including my girl! We took a pic with her sign as soon as we got home. I wouldve loved for her to have been able to come, but it was way too cold and loud for her liking (there were 6500 participants). But she had a pretty good day anyway. She was a little crunchy, hands in the mouth and hair a lot, but still super smiley and sweet. Still pretty vocal too. Tonight she was a little more sensitive and was moved to tears once with all of her brother's noise and commotion. She regrouped quickly though and did better once out of the room with him. Sometimes brother's just be crazy!! We've definitely noticed huge improvements in her cough/runny nose ever since starting the nasal spray and that's a huge praise. One less thing to worry about. Hoping for a good week this week for my girl!

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