Saturday, January 9, 2016

Pretty good day

Sleep wasn't so great last night. Reagan was up a lot fussing and tossing and turning (requiring oxycodone). But when she woke up this morning, much to our relief, she seemed OK. She's had a pretty good day today. She was a little mouthy/burpy this morning so we gave her some Zofran. Not sure if it helped, but she did seem to get better. Grandma came in this morning and Reagan definitely seemed happy to see her. The new nurse was here too. She's set to start working every other weekend. She's very good and I'm so glad that they finally sent someone out that's a good fit! We wanted to get out and take a walk today, but I don't think the temp ever got out of the 40s. Did that stop Ryan? No! He insisted on swinging outside! And when he wasn't swinging outside, he was swinging like a little monkey from the swing in Reagan's therapy room! You really can't keep him still. Tomorrow is my 10k. I ran a little this morning and my back felt fine. Hopefully I won't have any issues! Praying for sleep tonight and endurance tomorrow!

Relaxing by the fire! 

Crazy boy!

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