Sunday, January 17, 2016

Poo poo palooza

Reagan slept well and woke up much more calm. She woke with a wet diaper (thank God since she only had two yesterday) but also a bit of poo. As it turns out, that was just the beginning. After changing her and getting her in her chair, she dozed back off for a while. When she woke back up, she was wet so we went to change her. Boy did we get a surprise! Poo everywhere! Literally everywhere! Her clothes were soaked, her chair was soaked, and it was even dripping down onto the carpet! Super watery. Such a mess! The doctor had warned us the antibiotic she was on (Augmentin) might do this. We decided to just go ahead and put her straight into the tub! We got her all cleaned up and then proceeded cleaning up everything else. What a mess. Her nurse picked her up and held her for a bit and then realized she had gone again! Through her pants! We decided next go round to just avoid pants and put her in her chair on a pile of pads. The next several wet/poos she had were not as big and didn't leak! Thank goodness because that first round was enough to keep us cleaning for hours! She's been very laid back and calm today, which was another blessing, making it much easier to change her. Other than the poo, she's been pretty darn precious, still coughing a lot and dealing with a constant runny nose, but she's a trooper! Love this girl. Hoping she has another calm day tomorrow but less poo please!

The quiet before the storm! 

There's a Dada in there somewhere!

So relaxed...look at those hands! 

And those hands! 

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