Monday, January 11, 2016

Off day

Reagan has had a bit of an off day. She's still in pretty good spirits, but she's just been vocal. Like high pitched squeals all day. This morning she had speech, but she's just still so crunchy and into her hands/hair, it wasn't the best day for therapy. Tonight she was even more vocal and definitely on edge.  We definitely think her tummy is giving her troubles. She's been pretty backed up and gassy, so I did help her go today. We eventually gave her oxycodone tonight (because she was really escalating) but it didn't seem to help AT ALL. She was also doing this weird shallow breathing thing. Not sure what's going on with her. An hour or so after the oxycodone, I tried clonidine and while it didn't work immediately, it did eventually help her settle down and fall asleep. I don't know if this is some weird in between bad day or what. She's just really off. Hoping she can pull out of this have some decent days this week.

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