Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Not better, but much worse

Reagan slept well last night and woke up this morning fever free. She seemed a lot more calm and relaxed this morning. Less crunchy and into her hands than I've seen in days. I really thought maybe she was turning a corner. She had speech at 10 and that definitely went better than Monday's session. She spent a good amount of time in her AFOs and tolerated that no problem. However as the day went on, she started getting more agitated. She's sounding a little congested/gunky in her throat and she's coughing a lot more today. I do still think she's having tummy pains. Her tummy was making all kinds of crazy noises yesterday and today it's a little distended and she's still having a lot of gas. I tried to help her "go", but her motility just isn't moving things along. Then this afternoon, I could definitely tell she was super sensitive to us talking. Every time the nurse would try to talk to me about something, Reagan would start to get more vocal and teary eyed. Eventually she burst into tears and that was it. We tried Lortab first. She eventually fell asleep but it was a very restless sleep and she kept moaning and thrashing about (all the while keeping her eyes closed). My poor baby. She just does not feel well. Her little mouth and lips are all dry. She's pale and crying this sad cry. She's miserable. The rest of the afternoon/night was the same. Very restless. Super miserable. Tonight we're going to attempt to get her to sleep in her bed...she's been in her tomato chair all day so I just can't stand the thought of her in that same position much longer. Not sure how it's going to go but we all sure could use some sleep! Please keep her in your prayers! 

The calm before the storm (this one was from this morning)...

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Clarissa R. West - Writer said...

Oh poor girly, and poor mama! I am SO sorry for these bad days. I hate them, actually! Not fair and not fun! Praying things improve quickly!!