Thursday, January 14, 2016

Miserable girl (sinus infection and gunky cough)

It was a horrendous night last night. Just awful. Actually I had asked our nurse to come in today from noon-10 so we could go to a dinner for our Bible study group, but I had to text her first thing this morning and just ask her to come in ASAP. Reagan was up all night crying off and on (mostly on) which meant none of us slept. We did keep her in her bed for most of that, but I'm afraid it just allowed her sinus drainage to pool up in her throat and this morning her cough is WAY worse. She did finally sleep for a little better stretch this morning after a dose of clonidine and being moved to her tomato chair. So I immediately called the doctor and made an appt to take her in as soon as we dropped Ryan off at school. She did have a slight 99.1 temp. Her doctor concluded that her lungs still sound good, but her nose is a mess. Definitely a sinus infection. To make matters worse (poor girl), they swabbed her for RSV and the flu (which feels like they are swabbing your brain from your nose), but thankfully both came back negative. So they put her on Augmentin and we're just supposed to watch her. Not really sure why there's nothing they can do for her breathing-wise. I know how bad I still feel with a cough and tightness in my chest, I can't even begin to imagine how awful/frightening of a feeling that must be for her to feel like she can't breathe! Ugh. I feel so helpless. I just want her to feel better. She was pretty miserable, but slept most of the way there and back. Once home, it was back to business as usual. Crying nonstop while awake. Pain meds are helping, but only for 2hrs or so and then she wakes back up crying again. I think we've actually hit the lotto (no not the powerball lottery we all wished we had won) but the super rare occurrence of a superimposed "bad day"/sick day. Not good. Not good. Really hoping she can get past the bad days so we can just focus on getting her well. My poor baby. Please keep her in your prayers.

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Diane said...

Ugh- so sorry... I too cannot imagine how terrifying it must be for her. :-( Can you guys steam her? Sometimes steaming in the bathroom and then a trip into cooler air can help loosen things up. Will she tolerate/safe a saline rinse of her nose? I love the disposable bottles of nose saline. Of course then a bit of eucalyptus oil in the humidifier (if tolerated)? I also find warm packs on my face are helpful, but not sure of her tolerance level. You can also try gentle facial massage to help though it might be too uncomfortable for her.. Hope she feels better soon!!!