Friday, January 15, 2016

Crazy high temp but better

Reagan slept well last night and even woke up calm this morning. The only problem was...she woke up BURNING up! I immediately went and grabbed the thermometer and check her temp...104. She was radiating heat, so I knew she was probably even hotter than that. I gave her a dose of tylenol and then grabbed the rectal thermometer and got a reading of 105.8!!! That is the highest temp she's ever had! I immediately stripped her clothes off (which, by the way, were way too heavy) and started running her a lukewarm bath. Her temp was already starting to go down a little when we put her in the tub. Thankfully by the time we got her out and dressed her temp had come all the way back down. Whew! That was scary for a bit. On a good note, she did get a much needed bath first thing this morning. She also seems much more calm and relaxed today (even giving us some laughs through all the coughing). Hopefully that means we're in the clear as far as bad days go. Yesterday was pretty brutal. Today (other than the scary temp issues this morning) was pretty relaxed. Speech and school even came today. Speech actually went pretty well, her therapist said she was the most attentive she's been all week. School was OK. I think she was pretty tired by the end of the day so she just wasn't super into it but she was good. Her temp did start creeping back up tonight (100.3) so I gave her some tylenol and it immediately came back down. The coughing is definitely worse today. I'm nervous as to what that means for sleep tonight. I just really hope she can fall and stay asleep tonight! Please continue to keep our girl in your prayers.

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