Monday, January 18, 2016

Calm and still

Reagan slept well last night and woke up this morning very calm and still (and yes soaked through again but no blowout). She had a little more coughing first thing this morning, but in general her coughing has been better today. Nose has been less runny too! Hopefully that means she's on the mend? Still having watery poos, but not as bad as yesterday and no major blowouts today so that's good! Only one therapy today, speech this morning. Reagan was a little drowsy but participated with minimal prompting! She's been a real sweetie today. A little serious but she'd laugh if I tried hard enough. Super calm and still. Love seeing those hands relaxed and not shoved down her throat or in her hair! Hoping she continues to improve and has a great week this week!!

Brother thinks he's an acrobat!

So cute touching her bear! (Note the one red ear! Always that right ear.,She gets this from time to time...dysautonomia.)


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Cjengo said...

Glad she is feeling better