Monday, January 4, 2016

Better but sleepy

Reagan slept all night last night! Woohoo! She slept in a bit this morning as well. She woke just before her speech therapist got here (we had already decided she was just going to come and work on Reagan's eyegaze computer). She woke tense, but after we changed her diaper and clothes (she fought us a bit) and put her back in her chair, she seemed to calm down a lot. I think she was glad to get her arms back (we took off the restraints). She did doze back off around noon and then slept the rest of the afternoon. She didn't wake back up until around 7pm. She woke calm, but did NOT like me laying her down to change her diaper. She was fine once I picked her back up and put her in her chair. We brought her downstairs and she did well with the (Ryan) commotion and didn't even seem very sensitive. She only had three wet diapers today, but she also slept a lot. I didn't notice these being stinky like yesterday. Hopefully tomorrow she'll be more awake and get back on a regular pee schedule!

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