Thursday, January 7, 2016

A little vocal/on edge at times

Reagan slept well last night but woke up this morning with a cry! I ran in there to find her still on her side, but the second I turned her onto her back she let out a TON of gas! Poor thing! She was a little vocal/on edge early morning, but we definitely think gas was to blame for that. She seemed to calm down as the morning went on (and after a little simethicone). She had PT at 11:30am. Still a little loosey goosey but they got her up into her stander to use the eyegaze for a while. She was making choices between two toys to play with and after choosing the busy/crazy toy once, she never chose it again. I think it was a little overstimulating and she was not up for that. This afternoon she had school and her teacher said she did really well! So glad! Tonight she was a little excitable. When the night nurse came, I was afraid she might lose it! She was definitely getting a little vocal/agitated. However, when we came back from Bible study I was pleased to hear that she had really mellowed out and was calm the entire time we were gone! Hoping for less gas, more smiles tomorrow!

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