Monday, January 25, 2016

A little sensitive and gaggy but sweet

Reagan woke up this morning around 6am kicking around in her bed. She had a small poo diaper so I changed her and then tucked her back into bed, hoping she might go back to sleep. No such luck. I laid back down but I don't think she ever went back to sleep (although she was a little less vocal now that she was clean). I got up around 7am and moved her into her therapy room and got her talking brother out of bed as well. I'm definitely sore today. Definitely feeling those 13.1miles in my back, hips, & knees! Reagan was a little sensitive this morning to talking but seemed to loosen up a little as the day went on. She was also gaggy/spitty throughout the day but it seemed to come and go. Her speech therapist came this morning and took it a little easy on her but they actually had a really great session! She was very interactive and not too easily stimulated, even giving her therapist lots of cute smiles, but they kept things pretty low key and worked on the ipad instead of the eyegaze. This afternoon her OT came for a make up session and they did some stretching on the floor as well as some work on the ipad. She was a little gaggy at first, but that went away and she was fine the rest of the session. Not sure what's going on with the gagginess. She's a little spitty/swallowy and making lots of gaggy/open mouth faces and it's gotten worse tonight (which seems to be her pattern). Absolutely nothing is draining out of her g-tube, but she's very spitty and constantly making herself choke/gag. Ugh. Sleep tonight is not looking good. But she's just so sweet!!! Big huge eyes and smiling away! My poor sweet girl!

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