Wednesday, January 27, 2016

A little on edge

We left Reagan in her tomato chair last night to sleep (because of the nausea)...not sure how much real sleep she got. Mike got up with her in the middle of the night and he said she wasn't sleeping but she was SO precious. Sweet girl. This morning the nausea seems to be gone (thank God). She's been a little tense/on edge, but good. She had speech this morning and she did well with that, but again, a little easily stimulated. Tonight she did lose it once when Mike had just gotten home and we were talking. The talking was not appreciated and the tears began to flow. She eventually calmed down and was OK the rest of the night, well, OK until I gave her clonidine to try to help her go to sleep! She had the worse adverse reaction to the clonidine that I've ever seen. Kicking, flailing, biting, thrashing (which is all common of these episodes), but also screaming and crying (more screaming than crying). Very strange. This went on for 30min or so until I finally gave her oxycodone. Within 5min, she was asleep! I don't know how this bodes for tomorrow but I sure hope she wakes up feeling better! As of now she's sleeping peacefully in her bed! Lets hope she stays there!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe she gets hallucinations? It is one side effect of clonidine.