Sunday, January 31, 2016

A good day for a walk

Today was another great day for my girl. She woke up still calm and collected and since we were nurseless today, we decided to go on a family outing. We drove downtown and went to the hike and bike trail around Lady Bird Lake. It was such a beautiful day, half of Austin was there as well enjoying the weather. It's such a nice path around the lake. Perfect for a running three year old and perfect for my big girl in her chair (of course Ryan kept veering to the middle into oncoming traffic)! We walked for a while and then turned around and walked back. We were hoping to eat somewhere nearby, but everything was PACKED! We ended up taking a nice drive and finding something to eat along the way. We stopped at a Mexican restaurant near lake Travis. We noticed some singers when we walked in, but they were pretty quiet...that is until they started walking around and then stopping to sing at the table beside us! Well, my (up until this point) completely calm and collected girl, decided she was not a fan of the singing and started to get vocal. Mike had to run out to the car to get her noise canceling headphones and that helped her settle down (that and the fact that they stopped singing shortly thereafter). The views driving through Austin are breathtaking. Seriously, we still feel like we're on vacation getting to look at this every day. We even decided to take the long way home around the other side of the lake, just to take in a little more scenery. Ryan dozed a bit but Reagan was awake the entire time. Still very calm and relaxed. Our night was similarly laid back. We just hung out and enjoyed this sweet girl.

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