Monday, December 21, 2015

Tense, tears, & nausea

Today started off well enough. Reagan woke up a little early, around 5:30am, but I moved her to her therapy room and put on some cartoons and she was good. Still pretty tense/crunchy, but OK. She had speech therapy this morning and actually had a really great session. Afterward her therapist was talking to the nurse and that triggered a huge crying fit! Reagan erupted into tears and it took a while (and some oxycodone) before she finally calmed down. Some rocking from mommy seemed to help. After a nice little break, she had OT. She did well with that. PT followed and was a little more challenging. There were some tears at the beginning (Reagan's nurse was talking to Grandma and Reagan was not having any of that). But she calmed down and her PT worked on sitting with her but when it came to any sort of rotation, she was not having it. She had tears several more times this afternoon/tonight. It's hard to tell if she's in pain or if she's just frustrated. Sometimes it seems more like mad fussing/crying but it's so hard to tell. She's definitely been very sensitive today. Tonight any sort of music on tv was setting her off. Unfortunately Elf has a lot of music in it, so I had to keep muting it! This afternoon we saw a few signs of nausea that worsened as the night went on. Not super gaggy (just occasionally) but a lot of mouth movements. I'm a little worried about it, so I think we're going to go with Pedialyte again tonight, just to play it safe. Really hoping she'll sleep through the night and wake up in the morning feeling better and with no signs of nausea. Tried her in her bed first, and she did doze off but woke up choking/gagging, so it's back to the tomato chair. Sleep Reagan...sleeeeeep!

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