Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Still smiling

Today has been another good day for my girl. She slept well and woke up just before 8am, super crunchy, but super smiley! She did doze back off for a bit but woke up just in time for therapy. She only had one therapy today, a make up session of PT, but she did well with that. She spent some time in her stander as well. Her PT did finally speak with her orthotist and they've come up with a plan for new AFOs for her. Now we're just waiting on insurance approval so we can make an appt for casting. Another good day for my girl in the books. So glad we're still getting smiles! 

Today I took Ryan to the aquarium first thing this morning and then we went to a tour of Amy's Ice Cream (an eclectic Austin ice cream company). He wasn't super interested in the tour but enjoyed the ice cream/m&m treat and playing on the playground afterward.

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