Thursday, December 3, 2015

Super sweet, calm girl

Reagan has been a doll again today. I found her awake in her bed at 6:30am. Very still. Very quiet. Mike did say last night as he was trying to get her to bed she seemed gaggy all of a sudden...thankfully she dozed off and we didn't have to worry about that. This morning she seemed fine, but did make a couple of gaggy faces when Daddy kissed her (I said it must've been his coffee breath)! The rest of the day she seemed fine. Spitty, yes, but that tends to go along with her super laid back days. A little less laughy today, but super smiley and sweet. And calm...but REALLY into her hand. Her nurse has kept it away from her most of the day today (and last night) because she was really gnawing at it! She's had a busy day of therapy today. This morning she had a really great session of PT. Her therapist said she was bearing more weight than she's ever seen! Then this afternoon she worked with OT, followed by school/vision. She had a great session with everyone. She's just been so laid back and calm today...but we have a sneaking suspicion she's dealing with a UTI right now. Crazy, I know. How can she be so calm and content, but she's had the stinky pees for days now and today we decided to test some with some strips we have and both Leukocytes and Nitrites came back high. That pretty much confirms a UTI. We made an appt to take her in to the pediatrician tomorrow and they're going to have to cath her to get a clean catch so they can confirm our diagnosis. Praying that goes smoothly and doesn't sour her great mood. If she does in fact have a UTI, the sooner we can get her on antibiotics, the better. Poor thing! She's such a tough cookie. Hoping for some solid sleep for her tonight.

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