Monday, December 14, 2015


Reagan has had a spectacular day today!! She's been beyond precious. Super smiley and cuddly sweet. But also so attentive and interactive. She's done awesome with every single therapy she's had today! Her speech therapist said she was a wiz with the eye gaze today. Getting 5/5 on everything! Definitely in the new year our resolution will be to get her in front of the eye gaze a lot more. The more she uses it, the better chance she has at eventually being able to use it as a method of communication! After speech we hopped in the car and headed over to an appt at the orthotics place. They actually ordered some new arm restraints for her. Usually we just order them ourselves and pay out of pocket, but we do have to special order them to make them doubly reinforced (for our superhuman strength girl) and that makes them more expensive. So this way, they were actually covered by insurance! Of course, we did have to go in for a pointless appt just to get them! We did talk with the orthotist again about her AFOs. He would really like to see her wearing them all day (8-10hrs), but that's just never going to happen with all of her chorea! She'd kick her legs black and blue! But I think we're finally in agreement that it's time for a new pair. She's had this pair for almost two years now and most kids get new ones every 6 months (although Reagan's feet grow very slowly because of the lack of weight bearing, she has feet about the same size as Ryan, who is 5 yrs younger)! So that means another appt to actually get casted. It would've been great to have been able to do it today, because she was seriously in the best mood EVER! No casting today though, so we headed home. She spent some time in her AFOs, she's so still today and not kicking at all, so it's a great day to wear them. This afternoon she had OT and did a great job with that as well. And right after that she had school. She's really been quite the super star today! Big huge eyes, super smiley and sweet (lots of hand holding)!! It's been a really awesome day!

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