Thursday, December 17, 2015


Reagan had a sleepy day today. We found out this morning that her pump had basically been beeping the entire night! Her bag was completely full, so it must have been beeping since I gave her clonidine at 12:45am. I can't believe neither of us ever heard it! Fail! On a good note, I think it gave her tummy a much needed break and she did wake up with zero signs of nausea! She woke up this morning only to doze back off right before PT. Her therapist came anyway to stretch her, but she woke up and got in a full session. She did doze back off right afterward and then slept away the rest of the day (missing OT). She didn't wake back up until right around 10pm...little rascal! She was wide eyed and crunchy but in good spirits. Eventually I gave her clonidine to get her back to sleep. Hoping we all get some sleep tonight!

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