Saturday, December 12, 2015

Lazy Saturday (weird eye movements)

Reagan had a laid back sort of day today. She was a little serious, but very quiet and calm. She looked like she was going to doze off all day...but she never did. Not much to report today. Just a lazy Saturday at home. Well, that is, until tonight. Tonight she did the crazy eyes thing again. Haven't seen that in a's the last blog I can find about it (and we saw it twice in 2010 once in April and once in June). I was just holding/snuggling with her as Mike and I watched tv. All of a sudden her eyes got huge and started darting around in this crazed way. Her legs stiffened out a little too. Eventually she stopped (on her own, we couldn't get her to stop) but she did it another time too not long after. The second time happened at the same time some instrumental music was playing on the show we were watching...I wonder if maybe that was a trigger. No idea if that happened with the first one. Mike picked her up and held her, but it still took a bit for her to break out of it. She did it again, to a lesser extent, while Mike was holding her and I got some of that on video. I really hate seeing anything that looks seizure-ish...ever. I still wonder how much hormones are playing a part in this. Please keep my sweet girl in your prayers.

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