Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Crazy kooky and nauseous

So after two really wonderful days for my girl, today wasn't so hot. She woke up a little kooky/laughy...but more crazy. And nauseous. Just gaggy faces here and there, but something was up. Very tense/sensitive. Lots of screaming/squealing.  This afternoon, her regular nurse was at  every time I walked in the room to help the nurse change her diaper, she'd escalate and start screaming in this high pitched scream! Every time. Finally I helped her poo and her nurse gave her some gas drops...and a dose of oxycodone and clonidine...and it stopped. Tonight Mike and I went out for a movie and by the time we got back, she was better. Still tense, but no more screaming. Crisis averted? I hope so. I'm not sure where she's headed with this, but I sure hope she pulls out of this. The nausea has gotten worse tonight. I'm going to switch her over to pedialyte and hopefully that will help. :(

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