Sunday, December 20, 2015

Crazy chorea

Reagan slept well last night, but woke up super tense and crunchy this morning. Her chorea has been through the roof today. Lots of nonstop leg's like she's running a marathon! Her temperature regulation is still way off. She's only been in her tomato chair for a short while this morning, but sweated her back completely wet! Most of the day she's spent kicking around on the floor, but she's moving so much and is so crunchy, she's a been like a turtle stuck on it's back! Just can't seem to get comfortable. She definitely seems better when being helps her to relax her a bit. Taking a bath with Grandma also helped her to relax a little. I've been trying to hold her tonight and let's just say it's been difficult! Legs kicking nonstop! I just gave her clonidine so Daddy is taking her upstairs now and hopefully she'll doze off! He will!

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