Friday, December 25, 2015

Calm and content Christmas

It was a good Christmas for my girl! And when Reagan's good, we're good!! She slept well and woke up calm and content. My sister and her husband (and dogs) came back over and we had a busy Christmas morning, opening up tons of presents...thanks to Santa (aka Grandma). Lots of super cute clothes, dinosaurs for Ryan and a Rainbow Brite doll for Reagan (just like I had as a little girl) and many other cool toys. Both kiddos hit the mother load. Ryan got a neat swing for outside and Reagan got a giant jellyfish with lights that hangs from the ceiling...HearthSong has some pretty neat gift ideas (Reagan's nurse got her this neat light spinner that you can customize from there as well). There were so many presents that we decided to wait til tomorrow to give Ryan his tricycle (he was already too overwhelmed). Mike then fried turkeys for us and our neighbor and we continued cooking all afternoon/night. We didn't officially eat Christmas dinner until around 8pm and then we stayed up playing poker until everyone was ready for bed! It was a really great day!! 

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