Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Awful night and pretty bad day

It was an AWFUL night last night. Reagan was not responding to medications at all and she was very upset and crying a lot. She was also still gaggy in between the tears, so it was really the worst of all worlds. Not to mention, Mike and I were exhausted from getting up and down constantly all night...it was brutal! I skipped my morning run on account of no sleep (I rarely skip ever) and I got at least one good hour of sleep! And to top it all off, Reagan's Tues-Fri nurse was feeling under the weather too! God bless her though, she still came in to work and stayed all day! I don't know what I would have done without her! Reagan was fussy but not horrible. You could just tell something was bothering her and she was very agitated. She slept off and on throughout the day. We went ahead and let OT come to try to work with her (she was awake at the time). It wasn't a super productive session, but at least she got out of her chair for a while and got some stretching done. She was a little less gaggy during the day, but it picked back up as the afternoon/night progressed. Tonight it got really bad again so again I decided to just put her back on 100% pedialyte (she was on it last night and half pedialyte/half formula during the day today). I'm really hoping she'll sleep tonight and hoping she'll pull out of this soon!

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