Sunday, December 13, 2015

Another lazy day (Ryan's first real poo on potty!)

Reagan was laying in bed this morning super quiet and still. Not sure how long she had been awake or how well she slept last night. She's had a pretty laid back day today. Quiet, a little on edge. Definitely sensitive to music/talking. Not a fan of being laid down or even held. She's fussed here and there but we've avoided tears. I put up her white Christmas tree today in her therapy room and she was clearly memorized by it! She didn't take her eyes off of it. The multicolor lights against the white background really stand out. For some reason, I can't find any of her decorations, so we just had to steal the pink ones off her pink tree! I may have to go shopping to find her some new decorations. No clue what happened to the other ones!  Today was pretty similar to yesterday (except no weird eye episodes...thank God). One thing I noticed today was a distinctive breath smell. Not sure what that's about, but it faintly reminds me of bad day smell, so I'm hoping it doesn't lead to anything. It's hard to say which direction she's headed. I'd like to think good days, but who knows. One super exciting piece of news tonight is that Ryan (who we've been working on potty training with the last week or two) has finally pooped in the potty!!! He was very hesitant to go on the potty (he's been great with pees but not poos). So I'm just hoping now that he's actually done it, he'll continue to go to the potty for that and we'll pretty much be done with potty training (which has been surprisingly easy with him actually). I'll save you from posting the picture of it, but I did take one! Grandma got that pic on her phone!! Hoping for a calm, quiet week!

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